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Waiting for a Canon 7D Mark II...

Rumors about a 7DII has been floating around for years. Most of these rumors has clearly been wrong, though some might have been "true" at a time except Canon changed their mind. But recently rumors has been more intensive, and it seems now to be taken for a fact that Canon will announce a new model to replace the old 7D shortly before Photokina in September. This new camera might be named 7D Mark II (or 7D X ?), and it's said to be a very high-spec'ed pro-type APS-C camera with a new sensor technology that's more than just an evolutionary step forward. Maybe a new multi-layer type of sensor. Also there's indications of a new AF-system and very high frame-rates. With no doubt, if rumors are all true it is also going to be a very expensive camera...

Besides the new camera, some lenses and a flash are also expected to be announced. Likely a long waited replacement for Canons 100-400mm will be among the lenses, and a new flash will probably replace the current 430EX II.

Look out for exiting news in the first weeks of September... Or monitor the rumors scene at Northlight, CanonRumors and CanonWatch.

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