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Canon EOS 7D is in many ways a camera made for action. It has high-ISO support, can shot eight frames per second and it features a brand new advanced and very configurable autofocus system. Actually 7D is the first non-1D series camera from Canon featuring double Digic-processors and a dedicated processor for autofocus. Obviously a camera of interest for sport and wildlife photographers, and more than half of the reviews in the following little collection, are "hands-on" done by wildlife photographers.

Maybe the most interesting read will be the Norwegian photographers Ole Jørgen Lioddens four-part review. He tested the camera 3,5 week in Antarctica! The subjects of the four parts will be weather sealing, autofocus, HD-video and image quality. So far only the first part has been published, but I will update this post as soon as I see the other parts.

Updates 7-8th Dec 09: I have added a few more reviews to the above list.

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