Planet 7D

A hangout for Canon EOS 7D photographers and videoshooters


News and more for Canon EOS 7D users.

I bought this domain in summer 2009 when the first rumors emerged about an upcoming new Canon APS-C camera line above the xxD series to be named EOS 7D. I thought making a "planet-site" about what sounded to be my next/dream camera could be fun.

The irony is that I never purchased the original 7D myself. I originally hoped to be able to give the camera to myself as a Christmas present in 2009, and if I couldn't afford that, then at least buy it in spring 2010. But I couldn't find the money in 2010, and later when I finally had the money, I was not sure about my priorities anymore...

So without having the camera to motivate my work on and inspire updates to the site, I decided to put Planet 7D on semi-hold in 2011. All the time though, I have occasionally posted when there was some "big" 7D-related news.

But now the 7D Mark II has been released, and this time I have bought the camera to replace my old 50D. This might inspire me to bring new life to this site. Yes, might. I'm still not fully settled in my mind.

The ultimate goal for this site is/was to make a place for 7D users to hangout, read news, discuss, learn, share photos and get tips. But site still lacks a few features to support all this ;-). Instead join the Planet 7D group on Flickr for photo-sharing and discussions. Latest photos from the flickr-group are always featured in the strip on top of Planet 7D pages.

Myself, I'm an ordinary amateur photographer. By profession I'm an IT developer and live in Copenhagen, Denmark. You can find my photo gallery on Flickr, though lately I have mostly been posting to my Google+ profile. I also have a homemade sparingly updated personal homepage/blog named Rockland (danish site). I have been photographing with a DSLR since summer 2007 where I bought a Canon EOS 400D...

Stig Nygaard