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A hangout for Canon EOS 7D photographers and videoshooters

Planet 7D on hold

I bought this domain in summer 2009 when the first rumors emerged about an upcoming new Canon APS-C camera line above the xxD series to be named EOS 7D, and I opened the site in October 2009 shortly after the introduction of the camera. I thought making a "planet-site" about what sounded to be my next/dream camera could be fun.

The irony is that I don't (yet?) have the camera myself. I originally hoped to be able to give it to myself as a Christmas present in 2009, and if I couldn't afford that, then at least buy it in spring 2010. But I couldn't find the money in 2010... Now it is spring 2011 and I do have the money, but now I'm not sure about my priorities anymore...

Without having the camera to motivate my work, updates to this site has been sparingly and probably not very exiting. Not being able to draw on personal experiences with the camera, the few updates on the site has been restricted to simple product news you can read on most other photography sites. So it feels like a natural decision to put this Planet 7D site on hold for now. Actually it is a decision I should probably have taken long time ago.

The ultimate goal for this site was to make a place for 7D users to hangout, read news, discuss, learn, share photos and get tips. And if I had found the time and motivation to at least implement a forum, the site could maybe live without regularly news/blog-updates by me. But I never found the time or motivation to implement a forum (and some minor but needed layout updates to solve some quirks on the site).

I would like to thank people who have commented on the site and sent my news and videos. And also thanks for the sponsoring offers I have received (but all turned down because I never really was sure about the future of this site). I'm sorry I couldn't keep it up:-)

But the Planet 7D group on Flickr (with latest posted photos featured on top of this site) will continue to live and I hope you will keep posting your best 7D shots in the Flickr group.

I will end this post with a nice retro look video titled "If I Was The Sun" and made by Ryan Hargrave. The video is NOT made using 7D's video mode, but using the cameras "ordinary" 8 frames-per-second burst shooting speed using "stop-motion technique". Adding some retro-effects in post-production, gave this nice "old 8mm movie look":

Watch the movie in HD on Vimeo.

EF 8-15mm f/4L Fisheye USM sample movie

Canon has released a sample movie shot with the upcoming 8-15mm fisheye zoom. A surprising and interesting new addition to the Canon lens line-up which probably will be very popular among underwater photographers and video makers. Underwater shooting is one of the themes of the Canon sample movie, but it also features footage from a remote chopper. The movie was shot with EOS 5DII and EOS 7D cameras.

Continue to Canon to watch the movie.

The expected availability of the lens is not until January. More lens info at Canon Digital Learning Center.