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Canon EOS 7D is in many ways a camera made for action. It has high-ISO support, can shot eight frames per second and it features a brand new advanced and very configurable autofocus system. Actually 7D is the first non-1D series camera from Canon featuring double Digic-processors and a dedicated processor for autofocus. Obviously a camera of interest for sport and wildlife photographers, and more than half of the reviews in the following little collection, are "hands-on" done by wildlife photographers.

Maybe the most interesting read will be the Norwegian photographers Ole Jørgen Lioddens four-part review. He tested the camera 3,5 week in Antarctica! The subjects of the four parts will be weather sealing, autofocus, HD-video and image quality. So far only the first part has been published, but I will update this post as soon as I see the other parts.

Updates 7-8th Dec 09: I have added a few more reviews to the above list.

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7D tutorial videos

Screenshot from one of the Canon tutorials at Digital Learning Center.

Canon US has posted a series of 16 Canon EOS 7D tutorial videos on their Digital Learning Center site. The videos are available for download in different sizes optimized for playback on various devices, including versions for playback on the camera's rear LCD. But of course you can watch them online on your PC too. 6 of the 16 tutorials are about the camera's many AF options, but subjects also include live view, movie mode, customizing the camera, flash and the WFT-E5 Wireless File Transmitter:

Speaking of tutorials. Especially video shooters might also find these two tutorials interesting:

In other news, Adobe earlier this week made release candidates of Camera RAW 5.6 and Lightroom 2.6 available for download on the Adobe Labs site. Both have official support for Canon EOS 7D RAW files, and the word is that they are doing a much better job than the unofficial 7D beta-support found in Camera RAW 5.5 and Lightroom 2.5. Being release candidates means that the software might not be completely equivalent to the final versions, but should be very close. Download from Adobe Labs:

Interesting videos presenting the 7D and yet another review

Here are three videos from a Canon EOS 7D presentation at B&H. Very informative with lots a details about the AF-system and more:

Also the Canon EOS 7D review is now up at I haven't read it yet myself, but it should be a quite positive review.

New reviews (updated 2009-11-14)

Two new Canon EOS 7D reviews. First of all the, by many eagerly awaited, review from DPReview. A very favorable review:

Secondly a private user review by Roland Lim might also be of interrest:

Update: Two more reviews. These are more skeptical towards the camera, and has created some discussions (discussions on dpreview linked too):

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Capture ONE 5 Pro released

Besides Canons own Digital Photography Professional software, RAW processing software supporting Canon EOS 7D are still sparse. But now PhaseONE has released the latest version of their Capture ONE RAW converter and workflow software which includes support for EOS 7D RAW files.

The software are available as a 30 days free trial download.

Some time ago I was at a Canon arrangement presenting the 7D, and was told that Canon Denmark and PhaseONE was trying to intensify their cooperation. So it might be software worth trying?

7D ghosting

Canon confirms that in certain camera settings and shooting conditions, "ghost" of previous captures might occur in continues shooting mode. The problem is currently being analyzed by Canon and a firmware update to solve the problem are planned.

Read Canon service notice.

The problem has been reported on various forums, including on DPReview. Though, for most people it is not easy to reproduce the problem.

The fastest flashcard for your Canon EOS 7D

Yesterday Lexar introduced a new Professional 600x CompactFlash type Memory Card supporting UDMA 6. This is following similar announcements from Sandisk and others. The 7D is the first Canon camera to support this new standard. How does the first UDMA 6 cards perform in it?...

In a mini-test Rob Galbraith compares speed of the latest and fastest cards in the Canon EOS 7D and Nikon D300s. Newest cards from Lexar, Sandisk, Transcend and others are included in this little test, and used in the Canon EOS 7D there are significant speed differences.

Read the test...