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DPReview's final review of 7D Mark II is out (and other reviews)

DPReview released their final full review of Canon EOS 7D Mark II yesterday. Maybe the most anticipated review by people still not decided if 7DII is the way they want to go. And while I still only has read the conclusion myself, it sounds very favorable for the camera:

What Canon has essentially done is cram as much of a 1D X into an $1,800 compact body as humanly possible, and they appear to have been quite successful in the process. Make no mistake - this is a pro-level camera with pro-level features, and it performs accordingly.

A lot of other sites has released reviews of the camera in the last weeks, and I haven't been good updating this site. I never got the first 7D for various reasons, but I got Mark II and are very exited about the camera. It has however not - as I had expected - inspired me to put more time into updating this site. So I'm open for suggestions and offers! :-) ...

Meanwhile, here's a short list of some of the reviews I have "forgotten" to post in the latest weeks:

7D winter action (and a Planet 7D flickr group)

Canon 7D winter test from Ole Jørgen Liodden on Vimeo.

Second part of Ole Jørgen Lioddens 7D review is up, and I like this video from it:-) Watch the video on Vimeo for best quality and read the review at Canon Field Reviews.

Oh, and in the "internal news", Planet 7D now has its own flickr group. Post your photos on Flickr to the group pool and get them featured right here on this site. Currently a "strip" on top of each Planet 7D page will automatically show the latest 50 photos added to the Flickr group pool (Requires "Hide your stuff from public searches" is set to "No" in your Flickr account settings if you want your photo included). I'm hoping to get a group pool with quality rather than quantity and there's already some very impressive shots done with the 7D in the pool. Take a look for yourself...

More reviews

Canon EOS 7D is in many ways a camera made for action. It has high-ISO support, can shot eight frames per second and it features a brand new advanced and very configurable autofocus system. Actually 7D is the first non-1D series camera from Canon featuring double Digic-processors and a dedicated processor for autofocus. Obviously a camera of interest for sport and wildlife photographers, and more than half of the reviews in the following little collection, are "hands-on" done by wildlife photographers.

Maybe the most interesting read will be the Norwegian photographers Ole Jørgen Lioddens four-part review. He tested the camera 3,5 week in Antarctica! The subjects of the four parts will be weather sealing, autofocus, HD-video and image quality. So far only the first part has been published, but I will update this post as soon as I see the other parts.

Updates 7-8th Dec 09: I have added a few more reviews to the above list.

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P.S. A working contact form has finally been implemented here on Planet 7D. So if you got any comments or tips to Planet 7D, please go ahead:-)

Interesting videos presenting the 7D and yet another review

Here are three videos from a Canon EOS 7D presentation at B&H. Very informative with lots a details about the AF-system and more:

Also the Canon EOS 7D review is now up at I haven't read it yet myself, but it should be a quite positive review.

Planet 7D for Canon EOS 7D users

I bought this domain to make an interesting and information-sharing place for users of the new Canon EOS 7D, the most ambitious APS-C camera Canon have ever made. But so far I only got this little blog/news-page up.

A few things to look at while waiting for more content on this site...


Most previews and mini-tests are done with pre-production versions of the Canon EOS 7D camera: