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Missing print-version of the full Instruction Manual?

Your 7DII comes with a handy little 180p print-version of the Basic Instruction Manual, but the in-deep 550p full Instruction Manual is only included in pdf on the supplied CDROM. If you like me like to have your advanced manual in print too, EOS Magazine offers printed manuals for various cameras including a two volumes spiral bound A5 print of the full Instruction Manual for EOS 7D Mark II. It's not "camerabag compatible" like the little compact Basic Instruction Manual that came with your camera, but it's nice enough for a little home-studying...

If on the other hand you don't mind ebooks, but miss some more popular type of introduction to your new advanced EOS 7D Mark II, Canon 7D Mark II Experience looks like an interesting choice. Canon 7D Mark II Experience by Douglas Klostermann is available in Kindle format om Amazon, or in pdf or epub format from authors homepage. The book currently doesn't seem to be available in a print-version.

Choosing the best memorycard for your 7D Mark II

No memory card is fast enough to keep the 7DII's 10 fps rate constant when shooting in full resolution RAW format. The camera has a buffer ensuring that the maximum framerate can be held for some (short) time, no matter how fast a memory card is used, but how long the framerate can be held and how low the framerate goes when buffer is full, greatly depends on how fast the camera can write the buffercontent to the used memorycard.

The top-5 fastest cards in Camera Memory Speed's test with Canon EOS 7D Mark II

At they have benchmarked a number of CompactFlash and SD-cards with the 7DII. Do you want the fastest possible card, or are you looking for a "best-value" choice? Take a look at Camera Memory Speed's measurements of flashcards with 7DII.

At Camera Memory Speed they have used a 30 MB big RAW file for their testing. Canon's RAW files vary in size (using lossless compression), and most 7DII RAW files are probably a bit smaller than the one used for this testing. So your practical output might be a bit better than these results, however no doubt that the chosen memory card is very important for the practical framerate you can get.

DPReview's final review of 7D Mark II is out (and other reviews)

DPReview released their final full review of Canon EOS 7D Mark II yesterday. Maybe the most anticipated review by people still not decided if 7DII is the way they want to go. And while I still only has read the conclusion myself, it sounds very favorable for the camera:

What Canon has essentially done is cram as much of a 1D X into an $1,800 compact body as humanly possible, and they appear to have been quite successful in the process. Make no mistake - this is a pro-level camera with pro-level features, and it performs accordingly.

A lot of other sites has released reviews of the camera in the last weeks, and I haven't been good updating this site. I never got the first 7D for various reasons, but I got Mark II and are very exited about the camera. It has however not - as I had expected - inspired me to put more time into updating this site. So I'm open for suggestions and offers! :-) ...

Meanwhile, here's a short list of some of the reviews I have "forgotten" to post in the latest weeks:

First day out with my new 7D Mark II...

This is not really a (p)review, just a few initial thoughts and impressions from a first time user of Canons new top APS-C camera, the Canon EOS 7D Mark II.

I got my new "cannon" Thursday last week, but didn't find time to play with it before Sunday where I choose to get my feet wet at the traditional horse race, Hubertusjagten, in Dyrehaven north of Copenhagen.

Coming from a 50D I'm not only taking a step up with the new 7D Mark II, I'm also moving 6 years ahead. So I was of course exited to get out and play with my new "toy".

I had not had any time to read the camera manual or do my personal configurations on the camera, but still immediately got some fun at the jumps in Ulvedalene shooting 10 frames per second in Servo AF mode. I was shooting RAW+JPG, but since my favorite RAW processing software is not yet updated for the new camera, all edits here are based on JPG-versions.

I was quite surprised how silent and damped the shutter was compared to my 50D's. And shooting 10 frames per second at an action event is great fun - Hmmm, and a killer to your memorycards capacity...

I had one Compactflash memorycard of UDMA 7 type. When I had filled it up with my bursts, I changed to a Sandisk Extreme Ducati Edition card, which a few years ago was some one the fastest memorycards you could get. But what a major step down that was for 7DII! It felt like shooting with a completely different camera much less suited for action. They are not cheap, but if you want to combine RAW format and action, you have to get some of those UDMA 7 type Compactflash memorycards!

Shooting the riders jumping in Ulvedalene was great fun, but the real big surprise to me came later at the water basin, Magasindammen. The popular wet spot where horses jump into the water was totally crowded when I arrived, and I had no choice but to use my camera over the head from long distance with live-view and my 70-300mm telezoom attached. I could hardly see the cameradisplay in the sun, so I was shooting half-blind, and I had no idea of what AF-configuration I was shooting with on my new camera. But I think must have been shooting in some kind of "dual pixel tracking" mode (and maybe with face-detection?), because I got so many photos with at least one rider sharp. DualPixel AF REALLY seems awesome, I'm impressed.

I think the very tight crops here shows what I mean. And this is just a few from many photos with great potential. Some say you should always credit the photographer, not the tool. But in this case I might actually agree on a comprise saying 50-50 ;-) ...

Except for this last less-action shot, all posted photos are actually approx. 1/3rd-1/4th crops. I guess I got to learn to get closer at my next action event :-) ...

Canon Digital Photo Professional 4.1 with 7DII Raw support now available

A few days before Canon EOS 7D is expected to start shipping, Canon has now released an updated version of their latest RAW processing software with full support for 7DII RAW files. DPP4.x requires a 64 bit version of Windows or Mac OS. If you are on a 32 bit system, go for DPP3.x.

Originally the Canon EOS 7D II was scheduled for release late November, however several stores has updated their expected shipping date to October 30th. And rumors says that this is a worldwide release date now...